Work Placement

Work placement Key Information

Care Education is responsible to organise your work placement. Our work placement coordinator will make all attempts to place you in a facility on our list as close to your home or our campus as possible. If you wish to arrange your own work placement then you must discuss this with your work placement coordinator to ensure your work placement is undertaken at an approved work place facility.

We have a dedicated work placement coordinator who will assist you with all aspects of your work placement. Please call 0469 184 977 if you require any assistance.

The form below has been created for you to ensure that you are eligible to commence your work placement and to inform our Work placement coordinator to start looking for a suitable facility for your work placement. Please refer to Work Placement Student Guide for all information related to your work placement including eligibility, assessment, responsibilities of all parties, FAQs etc.

Please also ensure that you upload a copy of your PCC when completing this form.